The long lost and forgotten; Mallorca part II

I never did tell you how the rest of our trip to Mallorca went did I? Well, it's about time then!

On the third day we rented a car and drove across the island to visit the "cavern of the dragon", an amazing and long cave complete with underground lake and guards shouting at every visitor who dares to try and take a photo...

After the cave we went to a drive through safari park where we saw this little fellow;

And this;

Another kitten;

The following day we drove down this winding road...

...to some pretty high places.

The views were amazing!

Saturday we had a lazy beach day.

And on sunday we went to the aquarium.

The last day we spent shopping and that's when I found the shoes!

Oh, how I wish I could be somewhere that warm and sunny again, I had to wear a hat and gloves on the way to work early this morning! Oh well, I'll just have to try and see the good in all of this, among other things, I should be able to use that muff I bought soon! But now I'm off to learn the foxtrot with mr Kitten.

4 kommentarer:

Mrs Munster sa...

Great holiday photos. Hopefully the memories of the holiday will keep you at least little bit warm until you can travel somewhere nice and warm again :)

Dorian Vaine sa...

sv: Så sant, så sant!

Riktigt mysiga resebilder.

Kitten sa...

Mrs Munster; Thanks, I hope so too!

Dorian; Tack, resan var ganska mysig den också :)

Baby Melody sa...

Heippa, ihanaa löytää suomalainen tyttö ja suloinen blogi!
Itse asustelen Göteborgissa mutta täysin suomalainen olen!

Hauskaa päivänjatkoa ja jätä kommentti minun blogiin jos haluat ilahduttaa päivääni!<3

-Baby Melody