Kitten in love has reached 100 posts! In honour of this event, I'm giving away this pretty little bow-pin;

I think it's silver (the box has a jewelers tag on it) and it measures about 3 cm across and 1,5 cm from top to bottom so it's a little smaller than in the picture. With it comes a cute little toilet bag into which I might put even more goodies if I happen to come across something suitable.

If you want a chance to win, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post and just to make this a bit more fun, share with us the name of a film or two that you like because they wear loads of pretty clothes in it, or beacuse it has a nice story or something along those lines...Don't forget to leave the address to you blog or your e-mail in the comment!

If you want to have an even better chance of winning, you can mention the giveaway on you own blog and link back to me, but make sure you let me know!

Now then, you can post until 8 pm (Kitten time) on Sunday the 4th of October when I will draw a name out of a hat, and the following Monday I will present you with the lucky winner!

Good luck!

9 kommentarer:

fröken lila sa...

congratulations on the 100 posts! this is such a sweet give-away, i'll try my luck!!

and here's my email just in case: froeken_lila[at]web.de

Hexotica sa...

It's gorgeous! I have only been following the last two weeks but I put a link to yours in my blog already!
Definitely The Dolly Sisters
and Ziegfield Follies
and My Fair Lady (especially the race scene!)

Dorian Vaine sa...

Grattis och Jag säger nog Inglorious Basterds och jag behöver nog bara nämna Shoshanna Dreyfus blodröda klänning.


Zizzi sa...

Underbar give-away! "Dagboken" med Rachel McAdams, för att de just har underbara underbara kläder! Och en av mina andra favoriter är "Miss Potter" en oerhört fin film om Beatrix Potter med fina kläder och miljöer med Renee Zellwegger.

Moa sa...

Oj. Hm... Jag gillar big fish, både för kläderna och för story-linen och för att den är så magisk. Kul att få vara MED i en rosett-tävling!

Lady Thirty sa...

det här vill jag inte missa :)
jag deltar gärna och länkar!

jag säger corpse bride, för den är så makalöst vackert gjord jag blir så fascinerad över den varendaste gång jag ser den :)

Erika sa...

Underbar filmer med vackra kläder och miljöer. Dagboken, Mouline Rouge och Ciderhusreglerna, vilka underbara kläder, jag önskar jag fick uppleva den tiden själv. Det finns förståss massa fler också. =)

Erika sa...

How cute! Of course I want a chance to win it =) And I've linked to you on my blog!

As for movies, I have a thing for Lauren Bacall. She's just so beautiful, talented and has such an incredible voice. My favorite movies with her is
"To have and have not" 1944
"How to marry a millionaire" 1953
"Designing woman" 1957 (where she plays a designer, one gougeous outfit after the other)

Have a lovely weekend!

Jose sa...

Hihi, muistan vielä kun mun mielestä Clueless oli täynnä ihania asuja! Vähän on mieltymykset muuttuneet niistä ajoista. :)

Nykyään on pakko aina sanoa Amélie, se vaan on niin ihana elokuva kaikella tapaa. Vaateinspiraatiota löytyy ainakin The Devil Wears Prada-, Marie Antoinette ja Sex and the City -leffoista sekä tv-sarjasta Gossip Girl.