Where the magic happens a.k.a my sewing space

Hello readers, how have you been? I've been busy having a cold, celebrating midsummer and my birthday, and making myself an area dedicated for sewing! Oh, and I found myself a nice piece of furniture (60's teak) at a flea-market, which I had to fill with shoes and hats in my usual manner;

It is now located in my sewing area, where I can finally spread out and not have to clean up after myself every single time I get creative, because this area is meant for creating and nothing else! I used to put the sewing machine on the desk in front of my computer when I used it before, so this is a real improvement...Do those of you who sew have a special area set up too or do you have a different arrangement?

At the same place I found my new (old) shelf, I also found these shirts;

We celebrated midsummer with my family, eating well and just hanging out. Did you have a nice weekend?

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ina sa...

Happy belated birthday!
That's a very very nice shelf, btw.

Little Rascal sa...

Happy belated birthday darling! <3
Your little corner looks so neat, I wish my hobby room was as tidy as yours.

Rakel sa...

Happy belated birthday!

A nice shelf, love it. :)

bonita sa...

~ * ♥ * ~

Many happy returns for your birthday! It's great you now have room for your sewing machine. I am lucky because I have a super big desk with my computer on one end, space to craft in the middle and my sewing machine on the end. It takes up so much room but it is soooo worth it!!

bonita of Depict This!
~ * ♥ * ~

Kitten loves vintage sa...

ina; Thank you!

Rascal; Thanks! Ha ha, wait til I get a few more projects going...

Rakel; Thank you, so do I! :)

Bonita; Thanks! Wow, yeah you are lucky!!

Casey sa...

Happy Birthday! Love your little sewing nook--it looks like the perfect area to create! :)

Kitten loves vintage sa...

Casey; Thanks! I hope my little nook will serve me well! :)

Mrs Munster sa...

That's a fab little are dedicated to your creations. I wish I'd have my own little area. My boy and my man both have got their own rooms and I've just got a small corner in our bedroom for my junk. But as my hubby says, kitchen apparently is my room (you just have to love how old fashion his thinking is...)

Anniina sa...

I wish you had a happy birthday! I feel kind of sad about missing Midsummer and the bonfire, because I was on the plane coming back home.. But I had a great trip, at least!

Kitten loves vintage sa...

Mrs Munster; Ha ha, I'd be well pissed off if a man told me the kitchen was my room :p

Anniina; Thank you! Midsummer comes around every year, great trips may not do the same. Glad you had a nice one!

Erika sa...

Grattis lååångt i efterskott! =) Jag har varit på 100% semester från allt, så läser ikapp mig nu när vardagen börjat igen.
Vilken otroligt snygg hylla du fyndat! Helt perfekt för skor och hattar. Så tjusig i syhörnan!
Jag brukade sy på köksbordet i gamla lägenheten. Ett kriterire för en ny lägenhet var just utrymme för sömnad. Så jag valde en lägenhet med ett enormt sovrum, nära 20 kvm skulle jag gissa och majoriteten av ytan är syrum =)

Kitten loves vintage sa...

Erika; Tack, tack, jag undrade var du hållit hus... ;) Håller på att läsa ikapp själv nu också efter vår Finlands-rundtur, ska försöka få igång bloggande pånytt också. Sovrum med plats för att sy låter bra, hoppas du hinner använda det också!