Grand Canaria 2011 and seven things you didn't know about me, part 5

Warning! Picture heavy post ahead! I thought I'd share some photos from our week in Grand Canaria. First photo is taken on the way to the beach, with me wearing the best thing I have ever thought to pack with me on a trip to the beach; a hat! I wore this hat every day, changing the colour of the flower on the side or swapping it for a scarf to match whatever else I was wearing. It was great at filtering out those rays of sun that always glitter at the top of my glasses and try to get in my eyes...

The beach we went to all week was the dunes of Maspalomas, which looked a lot like a mini desert. Loved it!

We also rented a car for a few days and went driving along the serpentine roads of the beautiful west coast.

We saw some pretty breathtaking views... 

The next day we were back at the dunes again.

We did some more driving around, and noted that the dunes were visible from pretty far a way.

This was apparently the grand canyon of Grand Canaria, breathtaking!

We saw Roque Nublo.

...And drove above the clouds!

Here I am, with a white flower in my hat, looking out at Roque Nublo from the highest point (or a few metres from it) of Grand Canaria, Pico de Las Nieves. In the far distance you can also see the highest piont of neighbour island Tenerife, Pico del Teide.

The next day we drove to Puerto Rico and went on a boat trip to spot wild dolphins, and we did!

On the way back to port I got seasick though. But it was worth it!


The last day we had the car we drove to Palmitos Park and this time I wore a scarf around my hat.

We saw all sorts of animals and birds and some beautiful orchids.

 And more dolphins! Although these were very well trained...

Seeing this monkey in action, especially when running, me us realize we are not so different after all...So human-like, or maybe we're the ones who are monkey-like?

We spent the last day at the beach and I made an attempt at swimming in the Atlantic ocean. It didn't go to well, the waves were really good at moving those rocks around my feet...I came back with several small cuts on my feet, I guess I should have tried swimming at a less rocky part of the beach. (The photo above is taken on a different, even rockier location.)

Skin problems and sea-sickness aside, we had a wonderful trip. It wasn't too hot and we still had great weather every day, I think I might go there again!

Continuing on the seven things you didn't know about me, here's something else;

I wanted to be a rock star when I grew up...Or an actress. Or musical artist! I'm not too bad of a singer actually, but...When I got older I realized that that kind of lifestyle wasn't for me. I like routine and stability too much, no touring or moving around and never knowing what I'll be doing after this tour is over etc. I prefer weekend trips and that sort of things and having a steady job and staying in the same place not too far away from my family. But every time I'm at a concert or see a play or musical or burlesque act, that longing to be on stage awakens, until I remember why it's not for me again...

For the record, both a cousin of mine and my brother are actors who both sing and dance, which of course makes me wonder once again if I could have made it...If they can do it you know. For now I'm sticking to dressing like a star though, hah.

What did you dream of becoming when you grow up?

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Erika sa...

Wonderful pictures! Looks like you guys had a great time =) Sunhats really are the best, I always pack one when going anywhere in the summer.

Sometimes we have to chose, and something can be very right for us and at the same time completly wrong. I understand your feeling though, I used to dream about being a writer, but it seemed like such an impossible - and unsecure - lifestyle. I'm a different person today, and today I dream of other things I can't be, like a dancer or a tailor. But while dreaming is fun, I like my life as it is.

Kitten loves vintage sa...

Erika; Thanks, we really did :)

I think I too like my life as it is, most of the time anyways. But I still occasionally wonder "what if"...And now of course I have other fantasies too, like starting my own fashion brand or a vintage shop or...

Zizzi sa...

FIna semesterbilder! Härliga sanddyner! KRam cissi

Kitten loves vintage sa...

Zizzi; Tack, lätt att ta bra bilder då det var så vackert där :) Kram!