Back in Finland and seven things you didn't know about me, part 4

Hello everybody! I'm back from Grand Canaria and a lovely holiday with fantastic weather every day and amazing scenery lot's of sand and lot's of sun. We had a wonderful time although I was suffering a bit from my skin problems, but you don't want to hear about those now, do you?

Since I've been back I've done nothing but trying to recover from the trip and work, work, work. Tomorrow I've got the day off but that's only cos I'm going to Vasa to get braces for my lower teeth, yey. Or not. But I try to think positively and have planned a second hand shopping route as a reward. Next week when I have more time I will go through my 600+ holiday photos and select some to publish here, until then I leave you with another fact you didn't know about me!

I have never smoked a cigarette or anything else for that matter in my whole life. Honestly, never even been tempted! I guess I've had it easy since pretty much none of my friends have smoked (much) either but that does not mean that I've never been offered. The biggest reason I've never wanted to try is that I've always disliked the smell. I love it that it's nowadays forbidden in public spaces so that I don't have to be affected by it. I also never really got the point of smoking, I mean can it possibly taste /feel good when it smells so bad? And why waste money on something that is ultimately bad for your health? You can do it if you want to, just don't stand too close to me right afterward, please...

4 kommentarer:

Laucica sa...

WOW! You look gorgeous in this outfit! So simple and so amazing! Now I know, what pants I need to look for:)
About the cigarette I agree with you, it smells so disgusting, I really don't understand how somebody can like it!

ina sa...

You look great!
And you're absolutely right about smoking, I used to smoke but I stopped a couple of years ago and now I don't understand how I could smoke so much. BUT, I really liked smoking, not the smell (I was also happy when it got forbidden inside for example restaurants) or the fact that it's super unhealthy, but the THING, to relax with a cigarette, few things can beat that. If smoking wouldn't be so unhealthy and smelly I would probably have continued. But now I'm happier this way, and I actually feel much better, smoking made me feel quite sick I've noticed.

Vintage Girl sa...

no smoking section please! love it, We visited Germany a while back and there was a lot of smoking going on. It's hard on me too. Your outfit it cute, as always!

Kitten loves vintage sa...

Laucia; Oh thanks! Glad if I could be of inspiration :)

ina; Thanks! Glad that you feel better now, and thanks for explaining a bit why people smoke, you just don't know if you haven't tried!

Vintage Girl; Yup, it sure is great to be able to go out and not smell of smoke by the end of the night!