I don't know what to say. Blogging is hard when there's nothing to blog about. I haven't found anything worth mentioning at the flea-markets lately, and I haven't really had much inspiration for sewing either. Maybe because I find it hard to get started when Mr Kitten is at home? I kinda need to be alone when I'm sewing, otherwise I can't concentrate enough...or something. Anybody else get that?

Anyway, I'm trying to get my groove back now that our shifts are different again (next 2-3 weeks one of us has evening shifts when the other has mornings, after which we'll have 3 weeks of same shifts, again). More me-time. This is my inspiration;

Picture from vintagefashionlibrary.com

Picture from Vivien of Holloway.

I haven't done a shirt or anything with a collar since the one I made in school at 14. So it's a bit of a challenge. And as usual I have no real pattern, just combining a collar + long sleeve from a shirt pattern from 1998 (pretty much the last time I drafted any patterns from Burda) with my trusted self made universal top pattern, the rest I'm making up as I go along. But I keep getting distracted. Coming up is 8 days of work in a row, including weekend, so we'll see how much energy is left for sewing...Wish me luck!

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Erika sa...

Håller fullkomligt med, måste alltid vara själv när jag påbörjar projekt. Plus att det måste vara städat och diskat... =) Men roligt att du bloggar! Tycker det är lika roligt att läsa om tänkta projekt som om färdiga.
Jag älskar klänningsmodellen! Tror den blir jättefin på dig! Har tänkte göra något liknande, fast med en empiravskärning. Efter kappan =) Jag tycker det kan vara så himla svårt att ha inspiration och motivation till att sy när jag jobbar mycket, och 8 dagar i rad, det låter väldigt mycket.
Lycka till med syendet! *Kram*

Kitten sa...

Erika; Tack! Bra att veta att jag inte är ensam :) Jag jobbar egentligen deltid, 30 h i veckan, men iom att vi har helgöppet numera blir det så många dar i rad. Speciellt lördagar är tunga då man ensam ska sköta hela avdelningen i nio timmar, men resten av veckan är det oftast 6 timmars dagar som gäller, så det går lättare. Ha det bra, kram!

Casey sa...

I have a hard time sewing/getting things done when my husband is home too. Usually because we have other things planned for our "together" time. I just hate to sequester myself away in my sewing room! lol.

I love that shirtwaist pattern! I made a 40s shirtwaist last fall (which oddly, I never photographed and blogged about, even though I wear it alot! lol.), and they are so nice to have in the closet... One of my favorite styles!

♥ Casey | blog

Miss Tami Lee sa...

Blogging ruts are the worst! I feel like that all the time

Kitten sa...

Casey; Ah, maybe that's why, coz I rather spend time with him...? :)
You got me curious about you shirtwaist dress now, any chance you will blog about it?

Miss Tami Lee; It's a drag isn't it? Hope we both get our inspiration back!