Saturday in Vaasa

Last Saturday was spent in Vaasa, I had arranged to meet a fellow blogger and seamstress, TuunausTiina, to go thrifting with her. This is what I wore, note the hat!

(Sorry for the cameraphone-picture quality)

I rather enjoyed thrifting with someone who knows what vintage is about and who knows sewing and can see potential in items other see as trash. Sadly, we didn't find anything vintage to fit our tastes and budgets apart from this one hat which I bought;

But none of us went home empty handed either. Lucky for me these granny style winter boots were too small for Tiina;

Tiina found at least one skirt and a dress and we both found some fabric (mine just a plain dark blue, nothing exiting). I also found a couple of cute tops;

The last of the tops I bought ended up matching my newly finished sailor inspired trousers perfectly;

However I'm still considering adding a waistband to the trousers, to get a bit more...waist. Tomorrow I'm back at work again, so it's back to sewing only when I have energy left after work. Being on holiday was fun while it lasted.

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Annie S sa...

Har du några bra tips på second-hand affärer eller loppisar i Vasa? Den där svartvita toppen var ju bara för snygg!

Kitten sa...

Annie; Kolla in http://yesterdayoncemore.fi/ och http://www.kirpputorihaku.com/kirpputori/vaasa samt www.vuolanne.net/kirpputorit/

Alla topparna plus hatten kom från Adam & Ewa som är en stor hyra-bord loppis. Jag brukar helt enkelt googla när vi är på väg nånstans för att se vad det finns för loppisar i närheten :) Bor du nära Vasa förresten?

tints sa...

Hej, STOR tack för dig! Det var jättekiva att möta dig och kolla loppisarna med dig!

...and that's all of my Swedish, folks ;P

Oh, those granny style winter boots! Looks like my hunt will continue ... ;)

The trousers look really nice with the blue top. But I'd add waistband to the trousers - of course they're a nice now as they are, but "a bit more waist" would give them some extra!

tints aka Tiina/Tuunastiina

Kitten sa...

Tints; Kiitos samoin!! :) I'm sure you'll find some eventually, I searched all of last winter for winter shoes that would look ok with vintage clothes...

Haha, I was actually working on the waistband when I saw your comment earlier today, so yes, I agree! :D

Anniina sa...

I simply love that skirt of yours, I need a similar one for the winter! :-)

Kitten sa...

Anniina; Thanks, did you see the skirt-instruction booklet Casey at Casey's Musings had scanned? In case you wanna make one...

Annie S sa...

Okej, tack för tipsen! Måste kolla in det nästa gång jag är ditåt. :)

Ja, det är lite mindre än 100 km till Vasa därifrån jag bor.