Challenge accepted!

For the first time ever I've won a give-away, and my prize arrived in the post last week...Pin-up shopping related post-its! They are just too cute, and perfect for someone like me who likes to write lists, hah.

Zizzi, who's give-away I won, also gave me challenge, to show what odd things we have in our flat. Well, I had a look around and took a few pictures of things that you might not find in the average persons apartment...

First I should warn you, there's shoes and hats and dresses and thing all over the place, take this bookcase for example;

If you turn about 90° and look towards the kitchen, you'll see another pair of shoes (no, there's not enough room in my closet) a vintage 60's dress and a vintage clock, as well as my aprons.

A few steps forward and another turn and there's another vintage dress, and a fancy mask which I bought with the intention to steal the feathers and use them on a hat. And I will. Someday.

Back in the living room there's another book case not containing that many books. Instead it holds my vintage camera collection, some bags and, yes, shoes.

There's another book case with shoes and dvd's and actual books as well, but I don't want to make this post too long and make you loose interest now do I? So on to the next odd thing;

By the door to the balcony there is a garden-elf waiting for it to get warmer outside...And in a flower pot up and to the right is his much smaller distant cousin busy...fertilizing?

Hope you enjoyed this little peek into our flat, and that you've all had a nice Valentines day!

6 kommentarer:

Zizzi sa...

Kul att se lite mer hur det ser ut hemma hos dig! Fint att använda kläder, skor och väskor som små inredningsdetaljer. Blev lite kär i din kamerasamling också! Kram cissi

Erika sa...

Grattis till vinsten! Och roligt att se lite från ditt hem, så fint det är med alla skor överallt!
Ha det fint!
Kramar / Erika

Kitten loves vintage sa...

Zizzi; Kul att du gillade inlägget, jag brukar också tycka det är intressant att se hur andra bor. Kamerasamlingen består delvis av kameror jag fått av min mormor, några är köpta i england o några på marknader. Nästan lättare att hitta gamla kameror än vintage kläder här i trakten...Kram!

Erika; Tack :) Jo, tycker det är synd att förvara mina finaste skor i garderoben där jag inte kan njuta av dem. De flesta blir ju inte använda särskilt ofta heller, så lika gärna kan man ju ha dem som prydnad så man nu har lite "nytta" av dem, heheh. Ha det fins du också, kram!

The Vintage Kitten sa...

I love your collection of cameras X

Kitten loves vintage sa...

Vintage Kitten; Thanks, me too! :)

Anniina sa...

Those cameras!!! Oh man, I wish I had them. :--)